Most commonly asked questions

Is Easygrowhair differnt to products that you can only get through Doctor?

Easygrowhair is made from natural ingredients , minerals and herbs.

Will it replace lost hair?

Easygrowhair awakens the dormant follicles.

How often do I use it?

Every day for 30 days. Then you should be able to see your hair starting to regrow. Then use Easygrowhair twice or thrice a week to keep telling hair follicles to send hair

Is it messy?

No. it is greaseless. Wipe onto scalp with cotton wool, comb hair and when it is dry Easygrowhair has done it's job. Either shampoo out or leave on overnight. Do not use with other hair loss lotions on scalp. Only or dry scalp becomes normal, weakened follicles are rejuvenated and their growth/resting cycle re-balanced so that more follicles provide hair at any one time , in the majority of cases people see new hair within 1-4 weeks when using Easygrowhair every night. Research shows that hair regrowth is mostly active at night. If you feel some itching after you have wiped Easygrowhair on your scalp that is good the formula is doing its job awakening your dormant hair follicles saying wake up and send hair. Unlike other hair loss lotions (so called safe to use) they will say that if you have a cut, scratch , wound , broken or sunburnt scalp do not use their lotion until the skin has healed but with my lotion it is safe to use. It will heal and repair the skin quickly. Most people report that they had dandruff trouble and have reported back to me that their dandruff was gone within days and has not returned after using Easygrowhair.